Coach's Corner: Tae Kwon Do

Developed in Korea in the mid-twentieth century by martial artists such as General Choi Hong Hi, Tae Kwon Do was made an Olympic event in the 1992. The art emphasizes concentration, speed, breathing, and balance. Tae Kwon Do is most known for kicks that keep an opponent at bay while delivering devastating impact.

TKD features powerful kicks at long range, skills with versatile movement, and the ability to move the opponent around the mats. To defeat your opponent while playing with this character, you will need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. TKD is most powerful at Range 2, but has no offensive Skills at Range 0. Moving yourself and your opponent will be crucial to achieving the K.O.

Know Your Opponent’s Range

Any player with a few bouts under their belt knows that TKD cannot attack at Range zero, so you can be sure they will be moving into close range. Use this to your advantage. Keep your distance at the beginning of the match. Give yourself time to manage your Skill cards and your XP. Even if the other player has Dance, make them spend most of their Stamina to get in close, so they won’t have a lot of stamina to do damage.

If you’re able to keep your distance these Skills will serve you well.


Push Back

Moving your opponent away from you is an excellent way to keep your distance. The Mule Kick and the Side Kick provide strength while putting space between you and your opponent. They may be able to prevent the damage but they’re not going to be able to stop you from pushing them back.



Tae Kwon Do’s true strength comes from its ability to Takedown the opponent. The most obvious method is the Spinning Heel Hook, stun your opponent and let them have it. But that’s not the only way you can get your opponent on the mat. Stun your opponent and then push them back. That combination will still move them, but when a stunned player is forced to move due to an offensive skill, they are also taken down!

You will need to decide which combination of Side Kick, Mule Kick, Hammerfist, and/or Axe Kick will be the most versatile and reek the most havoc.


In Summary

Keep your distance and make your opponent come to you. Be prepared with Skills that can do damage at Range 1 and ones that can create more space between you and your opponent. Make use of the multitude of ways to takedown your opponent to cause damage to limit the stamina they have available on their turn. Lastly, when you have the chance, kick and kick hard!