5th Dimension Games, Inc. is a game design and development company based in Austin, Texas. We work to make really cool games to turn game nights into great nights.

Our Team:

Andrew Thomasson L.Ac.

Andrew Thomasson was born and raised outside of Dallas, Texas. After studying Neurobiology at the University of Texas at Austin, he went on to become a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. From an early age, Andrew played an assortment of games ranging from board games and PC games to those on various video game consoles and in the arcade. His first memory of gaming was transcribing a program from a book full of games onto an early PC, playing on a screen with green as its only color, and then deleting the program to make room for another.

At age 12, he began training in the martial arts, an experience that has driven him in bettering himself to this day. His fascination with the diversity of these arts from around the globe fueled his passion for the arcade game Street Fighter II, which he spent countless hours and quarters playing. In middle school, he began mowing lawns for money to spend on Magic: The Gathering and at a store that offered LAN games of Doom. Andrew ran many campaigns for different groups as Game Master for a role-playing game entitled Cyberpunk, a game set in a technologically-advanced dystopian future. He is considered a champion of Mario Cart 64 in some circles, and before returning to his passion for board games, achieved the highest Pestige on multiple Call of Duty games. In med school, he founded both a martial arts club and a Go club, a group that played the oldest board game known to man. Longing for more of the interactive experience of table top games, he began hosting a Monday game night at his place staring with Settler of Catan and expanding into Dominion and beyond. The group grew to four regulars that now comprise 5th Dimension Games and go by the collective moniker 5D.

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Brian Parrett

One of Brian's earliest favorite games was the memory game. A simple game where players turn over two tiles looking for a match. As he got older and able to play more challenging games, he came to greatly enjoy the game Hotels and A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Freddy Game. In addition to these board games, Brian spent many hours with his family playing Trivial Pursuit, Dictionary, Balderdash, and Scatagories among others.

Brian has also been playing video games for over 3 decades, having started with an Atari 2600 before he was even in school. Over the years he has had a Nintendo Entertainment System, and several generations of the Playstation.

During the past couple of years Brian has regularly played games with his group of friends. What started out as mostly party games eventually evolved into more intellectually challenging and competitive games. A table top game night became a regular occurrence and through this experience the idea that he could make a game became a realty. Out of those initial game design meetings 5th Dimension Games was born.

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Chris Thompson L.Ac.

Christopher Thompson is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Austin, Texas. His passion for table-top games is rooted, both in the games he played as a child, with other children, as well as those that he played at family gatherings. When he began his graduate studies in Oriental Medicine, he was exposed to a wide variety of games that had different styles and mechanics. This only expanded his love of games. He continues to enjoy playing table-top games as a social activity with both friends and family. Games that provide unique mental challenges will get him to game night, on-time, every time. He intends to use 5th Dimension Games, Inc. to expand the gaming community, bring people face-to-face, and provide them challenges and experiences that they will want to share with others.

Favorite games include: Go, Dominion, Tsuro, Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity, and Mad Gab.

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Mitchell Whittier

Mitchell never considered himself a gamer as a kid. Many of his good friends started playing Magic, and although he bought cards and made some decks, he didn't really get into it. The board games at the time bored him to death. He played some video games, but again just wasn't as into them as many of his friends. But with family and friends, Mitchell did really enjoy playing party games like Pictionary, Taboo, Rhyme Time, and the like.

Cue graduate school in a remote location and no money to spend. Enter Settlers of Catan. Interactive, strategic, fun, and about an hour, it had him hooked. For the next few years, the various forms of Catan were the only board games he cared to play. And play it, he did. Mitchell introduced it to all his friends and even got his family (who never play lengthy strategy games) to play it.

Mitchell eventually moved to Austin where between a weekly game night with the guys that eventually founded 5th Dimension Games and being active in an Ultimate community that was also really into games, he fully developed his new passion for table-top gaming.

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