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Budō is a two-player mixed martial arts card game that challenges each player to manage a dojo of martial arts skills while striving to knockout the opponent. Learn to manage a dojo in ten minutes then spend a lifetime mastering the martial way. Adapt your mat position and craft a deck of attack and defense skills to combat your opponent. Balancing tactics and strategy, play the player across the tables as much as the dojos.

Earlier versions of the game had the title Kumite, "grappling hands," which refers to forms of sparring. Although kumite is an important aspect of mastering a martial art, budō symbolizes a way of life cultivated through disciplined practice of an art form. The meaning and principles of budō captures the essence of this game.

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Players balance the use of Stamina and Experience Points to build a deck of attack and defense cards from their dojo of skills in order to adapt to an opponent's evolving strategy.

Special Skills:

Holds create an opening for an attack and often work in combination with other moves.

Stuns break an opponent's rhythm leaving her without enough stamina to pull of offensive combos.

Takedowns are advanced moves that put the opponent on the mat defenseless.

The linear mat component allows players to control distance to avoid damage and get in range to strike their opponent providing an additional level of tactics and strategy.

Lasting about 30 minutes, no two fights are ever the same. With each new bout, new strategies emerge.

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The root, bu, generally refers to what are known as the "martial arts." The character bu is constructed from the characters meaning "arms of war" and "to stop, prohibit, or bring to an end." Essentially, bu more accurately means "to stop violence." Budō is a way of life for the "peacemaking warrior."*

The essence of budō is captured by six fundamental principles.**

  • Object: the cultivation of character to develop a well-disciplined and capable individual.
  • Training: unify the mind and technique
  • Attitude: manifest the budō spirit by winning with modesty and accepting loss graciously
  • The Dojo: the dojo is a sacred place for training one's mind and body.
  • Teaching: one should not display arrogance about his superior skill, but retain the attitudes suitable for a role model.
  • Promotion: one should seek substantial training and do one's utmost to perfect and preserve this traditional art.

Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do are in this line-up. Although Boxing, Muay Thai, and Tae Kwon Do are not Japanese, these arts promote the same fundamental principles. For this game, skills were carefully selected to invoke the spirit of each art while keeping the characters balanced and the moves as true to life as possible.

* **

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Budō provides the opportunity to create a truly mixed martial arts gaming experience. Once players are familiar with playing the standard characters, building a dojo by mixing Skill cards from the various Characters creates adds depth and re-playability.

Are you ready for the challenge of mixed martial arts?!

2 Characters per player

This is a great option if there is only one copy of the game available.
  • Decide a Player 1 and Player 2.
  • Player 1 has first pick of character. Player 2 picks two characters. Player 1 gets the final character.
  • Player 1 and 2 choose from all of the skill cards from both characters’ dojos to create a standard dojo of 13 skill cards (see below for belt color break down)
  • Mixed dojos are created in secret – opponents do not know which cards the other player is choosing to put in their dojo.

3 – 4 Characters per player

Must have two copies of the game available.
  • Each player creates a standard dojo by mixing the Skill cards of 3 – 4 characters (see below for belt color break down)
  • Mixed dojos are created in secret – opponents do not know which cards the other player is choosing to put in their dojo.

Standard Dojo

  • 3 White Belt cards
  • 4 Blue Belt cards
  • 4 Brown Belt cards
  • 2 Black Belt cards