• The official rules have more detailed explanations of the rules especially for the following aspects:
    • Gaining Skill cards
    • Belt advancement
    • Recovering from Holds, Stuns, and Takedowns
  • Nope. While held, stunned, or on the mat (takedown) a player cannot block. Then, on the player’s turn they must “recover” by paying the appropriate stamina cost before they can move or play a skill card. Also remember, a player cannot just gain 4 XP, so a player must recover from the hold, stun, or takedown.
  • This thematic aspect of the game means you must gain skills in order based on the belt color. The order is White, Blue, Brown, Black.

    You start the game with White, so you can gain Blue belt skills right away. You must have gained at least one blue belt before you can gain a Brown belt skill on a following turn. Similarly, you must have gained a Brown belt on a previous turn before you can get a Black belt. For example, on my very first turn of the game I can gain a Blue belt skill but I can’t get a Brown yet because I can’t advance on the same turn.

    Another clarification on this is if you buy a Blue belt skill on your turn, then on your opponent’s turn immediately following that, you would be eligible to gain a Brown belt skill. So, yes, get that advanced block and defend yourself already!
  • No. You only have to gain one skill card of a particular belt color to be eligible for advancement on a following turn.
  • Nope. XP cost is not a part of the belt advancement rules - just belt color.
  • You can play defensive cards - if it has a ‘D’ in the Stamina stat, and you can spend XP to gain cards from your dojo.

    For example, your opponent plays a skill card that would cause you damage, but you have enough XP to afford to gain a defensive card that would prevent the damage. Before damage is assessed, you have to opportunity to spend the XP to gain the card which goes into your hand, and you may play that card.

    These are the only two things you can do on your opponent’s turn. You can’t spend XP to draw cards from your deck.
  • No! You must do something ‘physical’ on a turn. You either have to move, play a skill, or recover from a hold, stun, or takedown. In other words, 3 XP is the max you could get on a single turn.
  • You tell us! In any given match, each character has the ability to defeat any other character. The best dojo of skill cards may just be the one you create by designing the ultimate mixed martial artist!
  • Check out the Coach’s Corner blogs for strategy. Seriously, there’s some pretty good advice in those, check them out!